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PROFESSIONAL SERVICES the best you can be...



For Health Professionals

Supervision just might be the thing that helps you rediscover your passion for your work, assist you to navigate an ethical dilemma, help you manage a tricky clinical or interpersonal situation, or to simply give you the support and inspiration you need to do the best job you can, every day.  My job is to help you discover your strengths, and support you in using them to improve your working life, take the stress out of your day, and be happy in your chosen profession.

I work with health professionals from all disciplines, including, but not limited to occupational therapists, nurses, music therapists, speech pathologists, physios, creative arts therapists, allied health assistants, osteos, social workers and more.



Workshops, Training & Speaking

I am available to develop and deliver workshops for your professional development needs, or as an expert speaker for your next event.

I can present on a range of topics such as -

  • how to get the most out of your supervision

  • business basics for health professionals

  • basic skills for the beginning supervisor

  • managing stress & burnout

  • getting started with telehealth

All sessions can be tailored to small or large group sizes and longer or shorter times, and can be held online, or at your preferred location.

I can customise a workshop or presentation for your event, conference or team day, enquire today!

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