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New Website, New Opportunities

Hi Everyone, tonight I am celebrating the launch of my new website, and an 'almost relaunch' of my business. Thank you for joining me in this celebration; it feels great to have the support of colleagues, friends, clients and family as I learn new things, change my focus, and grow my business. I decided to consolidate my two websites into just one - - where you are now, and where you will find my services, online booking and payment system, resources, links, and of course this blog. I hope to add a couple more sections in the future to complete the information provided here, so please check back often for updates. I invite you now to take a wander through the site and let me know your thoughts, feedback and suggestions for its' development. I am very proud to be able to say I have created this website completely on my own using the Wix platform (which I would thoroughly recommend, if you asked!); the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction at completing this task is very rewarding. I look forward to hearing your feedback, questions and suggestions, and starting conversations about supervision, professional development and looking after yourself as a professional. Please note that my phone number for business related communication is now +61 (0)424 464 486, and my old business name and website (Music Therapy Bento), are no longer in use. You can email me here with your ideas and feedback. I hope you enjoy my online space - Nat :)

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